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A Birthday Party for me and Bach

Six Solo Suites and Poetry

Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 7:30pm
The Town Hall, 123 W 43rd Street, NYC

To celebrate my 75 years on this planet and Bach's 334th birthday, I hosted a party at the Town Hall in NYC. I played J.S. Bach's beloved Six Cello Suites on the bass exactly as he wrote them: same keys, same octave, all the notes. Interspersed between the Suites was poetry written for me, "The Cello Suites" by the great Irish poet Macdara Woods.

I have performed these Suites in troubled spots around the world: over a 1000 performances in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Uganda, South Africa, Bolivia and U.S. prisons and youth detention centers. I was happy to put them all together in one celebration with you!

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