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2015-2016 Season Events


August-September 2015

New Hampshire Concert Tour

Sponsored in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.
August 10 - Sullivan County House of Corrections, Claremont, NH
August 27 - Sununu Youth Services Center, Manchester, NH
September 10 - Strafford County House of Corrections, Dover, NH - 2 performances
September 11 - Hillsborough County House of Corrections, Manchester, NH - 2 performances
September 16 - Friendship House, Bethlehem, NH
September 25 - Cheshire County House of Corrections, Keene, NH - 2 performances
October 22 - Concord Prison for Men, Concord, NH - 2 performances
October 28 - Belknap County House of Corrections, Laconia, NH

January 22 - February 5 2016

Iraq Concert Tour

Concerts in Erbil, Ranya & Sulaymaniyah

March 30 - April 14

Afghanistan Concert Tour

Hosted by WADAN
Presenting concerts and workshops at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, Afghans 4 
Tomorrow Schools, drug rehabilitation centers, teacher training workshops and community centers
This project was funded in part by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

May 2016

California Prison Tour

May 9 - Napa State Hospital, Napa, CA - 3 Performances
May 10-12 - California State Prison - Sacramento, Represa, CA - 5 Performances/Workshops
May 10 - California State Prison - Solano, Vacaville, CA
May 12 - Marin County Juvenile Hall, San Rafael, CA
May 18 - Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, Downey, CA
May 19 - North County Correctional Facility, Castaic, CA- 2 Performances
May 19 - Central Juvenile Hall, Los Angeles, CA
May 20 - California Institution for Men, Chino, CA - 2 Performances
May 20 - California Rehabilitation Center, Norco, CA - 2 Performances
May 21 - Nidorf Juvenile Hall, Sylmar, CA - 2 Performances

Concert-Lecture & Reception featuring Dobbs Hartshorne, double bass

Saturday, May 21 @ 4:00pm - Open to the Public
Hosted by Mimi Do and Dana Lawson
At the home of Dana Lawson, 530 E. Channel Road, Santa Monica, CA
Celebrating his 12th concert tour of California, Dobbs will perform selections from the Bach Cello 
Suites and his own original comedic musical creations. He’ll share his experiences from his most recent 
concert tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, bringing music to refugee camps, schools and drug rehab centers 
throughout Kurdistan and Kabul. Be inspired by Dobbs' transformative work of bringing music and 
laughter to those who need it most!

2015-2016 Season Donors

(Donations received July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016) 


We are so thankful for the numerous donors that help us bring music to so many around the world.

Thank you all for your generous support! 

Suites Circle (up to $10,000)

Susan Saltus

Gigue Circle (up to $5000)

New Hampshire State Council on the Arts

Bourree Circle (up to $2500)

Dr. & Mrs. Stuart & Sue McCalley, M.D.*
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation/Putnam Foundation

Gavotte Circle (up to $1000)

Sherif & Mary Nada
Jeremy & Anne Whitney
William James Association

Sarabande Circle (up to $500)

Murray Buttner & Jennifer Heller
Allen & Ellen Mendelson
Rhonda Lake
Laurence Gardner
& Alison Noiles*
Jim & Judy Putnam

Courante Circle (up to $250)

David Blair
Murray & Carole Buttner
Lauren Cowles
Jon Deak & Jacqueline Mullen*
Sarah Kendall
Eileen Ossen
Sarah Roy*
Alan Simpson*
Henry & Carol Spindler
Paul & Winifred Strock
Craig & Contance Walley

Allemande Circle (up to $100)

Mike & Serafin Anderson
Ralph Arend
Thomas & Mary Louise Bartlett
Jameson & Reginald Baxter
William Browder
Louis Cornell
Viktor & Betsy Decyk
Mary Doughty*
Pamela Epple
Stanley A. France*
Christine Frank*
John & Nancy Hann
Anne Hardy
Larry Rinehart
& Sarah Hartshorne
Scott Herman-Giddens*
Mark Hill
Dennis & Louisa Jacques*
John Maloney
Marc & Margaret Mann
William Ollinger
Eve & Fred Richardson
Matthew & Deborah Saltus
Katrina Wynkoop Simmons
Jeffrey Stillman
Jane Taylor
Carolyn Todd
William & Carolyn Todd
Sally Vernon
Katherine Whitney

Prelude Circle (up to $50)

Peter Arvantely*
Ken & Dorothy Bacon
Harris Berman
Malcolm & Louise Brown
Steve & Abby Bruce
Wendy Clymer
Arthur Cohen
Graham & Carol Cole
Madeleine Crouch & Co
Tom & Nelda Duffey
Robert & Alfrieda Englund
Joan Epro*
Warren & Renee Ferris
Marjorie Gere
Joanne Geyer
Hal Grant
Jonathan Hartshorne
Timothy & Nancy Hartshorne
Patricia Howell
Patricia Hurley*
Nina Jaffe+,
In honor of my parents,
Joy and Julian Jaffe
Bali Kumar
Pattama Ladpli
Jose & Ingrid Lezcano
David & Susan Lord*
Karlo Marcelo
Lucky Marks
Anne Maxwell
Robert & Claire McNeill+
Susanna Mendlow
Enid & John Morris*
Jonathan Newell
Bruce Schwanda
Ayo Shanti
Joe Solomon+
Celine Sullivan
Eric & Roshan Swope
Brad Thompson
Astrid von Baillou
Brian Walsh
Bruce Ward
& Sarah Ann Wider
William & Carol Watkins
Jim Whipple
Mary Kay Zuravleff+

*Denotes gift given in 
support of Joy To Kurdistan, 
Iraq Tour.

+Denotes gift 
given in support of 
Afghanistan Concert Tour. 
All other donations support 
our general operations as 
well as all domestic and 
foreign tours.

In-Kind Support

Hellgurd Ahmed
Jaime Arze
Jim & Barbara Carlson
Mimi Do
Probyn Gregory
Karda Hawree
Dana Lawson
Mike Passof, B & J Auto Body
Chia Sultan

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