Youth Concerts

The youth concert is a chance for children and young adults to meet a creative artist up close. Playing a movement or two from the J.S. Bach Six Solo Cello Suites on double bass, Dobbs gradually draws the children into the incredible sound world of the bass. To feel the resonance and depth of that great instrument you must be in the same room with
it. Explaining the theory of string instruments and vibrations, he capitalizes on their fascination to share an amazing amount of information. The kids ask questions excitedly. Keeping their interest high, he plays one of his original comedic musical stories for narrator (himself) and bass. At this point the kids are helpless with laughter, amazed that someone so serious about music can be so silly.

Although these pieces delight children, they were written for people of all ages and have been performed for large adult audiences as well around the world in many languages.


Elementary Schools

Except in the case of smaller schools (under 100 pupils) it is not recommended to mix K,1,2 with 3,4,5 and up. Concerts last about 45 minutes to 1 hour and can be scheduled with 15 minutes in between. Obviously the smaller the group the more intimate and personal the experience. Often schools take advantage of the fact that this music and these stories also appeal to adults by inviting parents to come to the programs. 

For Booking Information:
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