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      PBS Film       "Back to Bolivia"

"Back to Bolivia"       en Español

Highly recommended

Memoir "Dreams"

Highly recommended

Restored Film of Sherlock Holmes     from 1992

 Bass in Space (Satire)

Two new New Films by Dobbs         in 2021

The Year That Changed       Everything op 46

...Ever wonder what made Dobbs such an "unusual" person?

...Late starter...Storyteller...Climber...Traveler?

...Why is he still tromping around the world and sleeping on floors to play music and tell stories in exotic places?

...This is the memoir from 1961/62 that answers all those questions.

Greenland 1965 op 45
Highly recommended
Another Fairytale op 25
Otro Cuento de Hadas op 25
Lost and Found op 12
Highly recommended
Richard the 10th part 11 op 10
Kids op 5
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