Richard "DOBBS" Hartshorne, an internationally renown double bass virtuoso, storyteller, and composer has captivated audiences all around the world with his ONE MAN SHOW, which includes the music of J.S. Bach as well as Dobbs' original comedic musical stories. Dobbs has presented his One Man Show in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Palestine, Iraq, Uganda in schools, refugee camps, prisons, rehabilitation centers and community centers.

What Is Bach With Verse?

Dobbs begins with one of J.S. Bach’s Six Solo Suites for Violoncello. This music is intimate and approachable with its own story. The pace of the Suite allows the listener a time to reflect, enjoy the magnificent power and resonance of the double bass and to appreciate the sheer virtuosity required to play the Suite as written for the much smaller and differently tuned 'cello. In a lifetime of practice, Dobbs has overcome the immense difficulty of performing the Suites on the double bass, yielding an acoustical experience that rivals the musical excellence of the pieces as heard in performance on the 'cello by Casals.



Combining his virtuosity on the double bass with a distinctive gift for storytelling, each show concludes with a couple of Dobbs’ original comedic compositions for solo bass/narrator. Hilarious and touching tales from around the world, these compositions are sometimes embellished with props and sound effects and incorporate positive messages of unity, love and understanding and a great dose of humor. Accompanied by the surprising beauty of the double bass, his voice and presence creates a new world. The calming effect of the Suites resonates with audiences from the novice to the aficionado while the stories bring laughter to all. In addition, Dobbs shares with audiences inspiring stories of his experiences playing in all over the world.