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Uganda Project

Dobbs first traveled to Uganda in 2012 to play music and tell stories to rescued street children who were once on the streets but are now living successful lives with help from the wonderful organization, Dwelling Places. Dobbs says about his tour, "I knew very little about the country before I came but I learned about Uganda and the Ugandan culture through watching children listen, react and laugh. I learned of the politeness and respect and resilience that these children have (even the ones who are still leading very difficult lives)."

During Dobbs' second trip in 2015, the project expanded into prisons in Kampala. Uganda has the lowest recidivism rate in Africa & 5th lowest in the world due to rehabilitative education and craft programs in the prisons. The response by inmates was overwhelming. On one occasion there were over 1000 inmates sitting on the ground outside in the yard to hear.

2017 Uganda Concert Tour

April 25 - May 10, 2017


In collaboration with Dwelling Places, Dobbs returned to Uganda to present the following concerts:

School Concerts - Dobbs Plays for schools where his host, Dwelling Places, resettles children into nurturing homes from among the 2 million aids orphans & 10,000 street children in Uganda's capital.


Concerts in Tribal Areas - Dobbs' concerts expand to the most traditional tribes in the most remote and harsh region of Karamoja. Facilitated by Dwelling Places staff, concerts will allow those gathered to talk about their rights & reversing the flow of street migration.


Prison Concerts - Uganda has the lowest recidivism rate in Africa due to education programs. Dobbs' prison concerts in support of rehab efforts will expand to the cities of Mbale, Soroti & Lira on Uganda’s northern border with South Sudan, which rarely see visitors.

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